Here and Now: Women in Energy

December 27th, 2012

Witten by: Stacey Kerger

Whether or not the date had a direct or indirect purpose, 12.21.12 was a very exciting day for all who attended the  “Here and Now” seminar and annual banquet given by the Gulf Coast Community Service Association.

The Andival Group was invited to attend and asked to provide the Keynote Speech for this seminar whose attendants were diverse in nature and potentially future Women of Energy. There was no better time to deliver a keynote speech than on a day such as this.  We should treat each day as if it was our last opportunity to get the message of hope out to the multitudes. This seminar had such a special message that it became a “Must Do” on our company calendar.

The atmosphere was one of family and friends, from the front desk receptionist to the CEO Dr. Reynolds sharing her “Pearls of Wisdom” , everyone was so welcoming we could not have felt more at home than if we were with all of our sisters sitting in the living room of our Mother’s house.

The Agenda was full of amazing speakers, with several of the women giving touching personal testimonies reflecting on their lives and the great changes that have taken place thanks to the supportive staff at GCCSA and their many proactive programs.  It was definitely my pleasure to speak to this group of amazing women on this day.

So many times, there is fear in not understanding something or someone, like the Energy Industry, regardless of how it might positively impact our lives.  This can cause some to not dig deeper into the possibilities and miss out on what they were potentially meant to do.

I wanted to make sure that the women understood that you don’t have to be an engineer to work for a major oil and gas company.  There are many levels of employment available today to women in this industry.  There were three points I wanted everyone to walk away with and they were:

  1. The Energy Industry holds many multilevel opportunities for Women.
  2. More Women today pursue continuing their education for Energy related fields than their male counterparts.
  3. The Energy Industry is global, which opens more doors for opportunities for Women; many major oil & gas companies purposely seek out women candidates.

So what does this all mean?  Oil and gas companies today have talented women working at all levels of management across global operations.  There have been, in the last 10 years, a major focus on attracting, hiring and retaining women candidates with the intention of promoting them to more senior roles within the company and not losing them to competitors or having them fall out of the workforce all together.  One of the primary selling points for women have been the ability to work flexible schedules, which has strongly increased retention for women.  Attracting and retaining talented women at all skill levels will be critical to sustainable corporate growth in emerging markets for the present and the future, therefore NOW is the time for women to make their way to the Energy Industry!

Bringing this exciting message to the women’s conference could not have come at a better time.  For over 40 years the GCCSA has been on the front lines, battling poverty in Harris County, Texas.  Their motto, “Building Families, Changing Lives” is a testament to their resolve in helping the complete person therefore, helping the entire household.

Through their many programs, they have assisted in helping over 500,000 families since 1965.  That is impressive, but what is even more heartwarming are the families set on their feet and given a chance to rise above their circumstances and lead a much more balanced life, the benefits from which will be felt overall for a long time to come.

I look forward with great anticipation of 2013 and what it holds for Women of Energy.