6 Tips to Finding Employment Opportunities

October 3rd, 2013


Most proactive candidates start their job search with a relative amount of enthusiasm. They update their resume, and apply for any and everything that remotely looks like a legitimate employment opportunity .  They are diligent about searching CareerBuilder and Monster for the latest job openings in their respective field and geographical area.. They end up frustrated and feeling like their resume has ended up in the “job search black whole”! They don’t get anywhere. Why is this?

In today’s job market, you must have a strategic approach.

I have put together 6 tips to finding employment opportunities in places that may be new to you. Don’t be shy, jump right in and put it into practice for your next job search.

  1. Start with “Who” you know.  When I was in High School, my Advanced Journalism Teach, Mrs. Shelton told us that you should write about what you know. Earthshattering, I know, at least for a junior in High School it was profound for me!  If you take this piece of advise and apply it to your job search strategy, it should be easy to realize how many people you know in various parts of your life that can help direct you to hiring managers in your industry or similar industries.  They are a wealth of knowledge and will be happy to help you find your new employment opportunity verses you ending up on their couch.
  2. Reach out to community organizations.  There are many organizations in your community that are geared toward assisting you in your job search. A couple of suggestions, local churches, unemployment offices, LinkedIn groups, women’s professional groups.  In Houston, Texas there are local networking events held in various venues on a weekly basis.  These are non-profit organizations that help guide you on your job search and many other services you may need along the way.
  3. Google search your desired position. It really is that simple, logon to Google, type in your most recent job title, hit enter, you will find all of the companies who are hiring for that position in your immediate market. pops up in most markets highlighting the job title and company information.
  4. Engage a recruitment service. A recruitment service can open doors for you that you cannot open yourself.  They have the inside track to employers in your area, and most times are the acting hiring agents.  There are many to choose from, you will need to decide if your recruitment service should be one who specializes in your particular industry, or if a generalist approach is more appropriate.  Schedule an information session with a recruiter, and interview him/her. You will want to ask a set of specific questions to have answered before you leave their office.  You can ask me what questions are appropriate when you comment on this blog.
  5. Top 10 Major Employers. There are several ways to find out who the major employers are in your city, county etc.  Referring you back to #4, go to Google, type in “major employers (for your town or county) and click enter. It will bring up websites that will direct you where to go to access this information.  Another tool is your local Chamber of Commerce. They not only will have demographic information, they will also have business development updates for your city which often times will point you in the direction of new businesses coming in and who is expanding. They are a wealth of information!
  6. Attend Job Fairs. One of the easiest ways to physically get in front of hiring/decision managers is to attend local job fairs.  They are usually held on a monthly basis depending on your area.  Make sure when you attend that you dress the part, dress for success.  You will need to bring about 50 copies of your most recent updated resume and of course your “award winning personality”.  The key to being successful in large job fairs is to be memorable in the whole 30 seconds your in front of the hiring managers.


These tips apply to all industries and disciplines, however, if you find yourself in Houston, Texas; and are an oil and gas contractor and/or mid to senior level professional looking for an exclusive staffing, consulting or executive search firm, (shameless plug for our company, hey I am not to proud to say we are AWESOME!) Andival Group has to be at the top of your to do list for “must do today”!

Final Thought:  It has been said that looking for employment is a full time job, when you get right down to it., it is hard work, humiliating, frustrating and disheartening at times.  My word of encouragement to you, keep your chin up!  I truly believe these tips will open new areas of employment opportunities for you. I am excited to share them with you; I can’t wait to hear how they worked. Don’t leave this blog without letting me know! More help is on its way from your friend on the inside!