Why Should You Work for Andival Group?

Working in the oil and gas industry requires a set of unique competencies and expertise. But sometimes achieving success is about who you know, not just what you know. If you already have the skills and experience, let Andival Group put you on the inside track.

We provide:

  • Access – With our large network in the oil and gas industry, and other energy companies, we have access to jobs you can’t find anywhere else, and longstanding relationships with top employers. Temp work can be a foot in the door to a permanent position in the industry.
  • Career Development and Coaching – We partner with you to assess your competencies and potential based on industry processes and standards. We will help develop and propel your career.
  • Skill Building – Our temporary placement options and training offer you the opportunity to build your skill set.
  • Interview Preparation – We will coach you on the best way to present your skills and strengths to industry employers.

Best of all, your compensation will be comparable to your peers working in full-time, permanent positions. Learn more about how Andival Group can help your professional development, search our available jobs today!

Our Hiring Process

We meet our candidates face to face whenever possible, so we can begin the process of getting to know you, your qualifications and your personality. We have designed our own assessments, based on industry standards, and create competence profiles for each candidate that will help us determine the best placement for you.

Our Benefits Program

At Andival Group, we believe that our employees are our most valuable assets. To enhance our candidate experience, we’ve developed one of the most attractive and comprehensive packages of benefits in the industry. Our benefit program includes:

Competitive Pay

The skill level and experience required for each assignment determines the rate of pay.

Health, Dental and Vision insurance

Our plan is provided by one of the largest healthcare insurers with one of the largest networks available, offering an open choice plan featuring in- and out-of-network coverage.

401(k) Saving Plans

This tax-deferred plan allows you to contribute a set dollar amount in pre-tax dollars towards your retirement savings.

Flexible Spending Account

This budgeting tool allows you to pay out-of-pocket health and dependent-care expenses with pre-tax dollars, increasing your take-home pay.

Direct Deposit

Have your paycheck automatically deposited in your checking or savings account on payday.  Direct Deposit is the preferred way to get paid due to its safety, speed and convenience. You do not have to change your present banking relationship to take advantage of this service.

Paid Time Off

Employees who qualify are eligible for paid time off and holidays.

Referral Bonuses

We’re always on the lookout for new talent and clients. If you refer a candidate who is hired or a customer who places a job order with us, we’ll reward you with a referral bonus.

Employee Assistance Program

The program provides support and assistance with everyday work, family and personal matters.